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Video editing from the command line

October 05, 2019 — Jesse Harris

I previously posted about capturing video in Linux. While this isn't exactly part 2 of that post there is enough crossover to warrant a link. This post is about how I have strangely found video editing to be much easier from the command line than a gui app.


Burning a CD CLI Style

December 18, 2018 — Jesse Harris

I've written about ripping an album cli style, and sometimes it still makes sense to have older tech around. Like for example if you have 6 kids, you can't exactly afford to buy them all iPods. Or, maybe you can't afford the latest cars, and your car still has cd audio.

Thanksfully with Linux we don't have to resort to some clunky UI. We can do anything on the good ole' command line


Ripping an album from youtube - CLI Style

May 28, 2018 — Jesse Harris

With the advent of Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Pandora and many other streaming music services, the need to have local mp3 files doesn't crop up very often. However, my kids either have cheap mp3 players or use their 3ds's to play local mp3 files.