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Zigford.org now available on Gemini

January 03, 2023 — Jesse Harris

Holidays are here and I've been missing posting to the site. Instead of posting, I've added gemini support (albeit very basic) to my local copy of bashblog.


Printing on Linux

August 05, 2021 — Jesse Harris

Printing on Linux has sometimes been a nightmare for me. The problem is usually worse depending on the printer you have. For me I have a brother MFC-J4620DW. Today, that nightmare is over.


Openfortivpn on Gentoo with OpenRC

April 14, 2021 — Jesse Harris

I recently setup a low-powered HP Stream laptop with Gentoo. Given it's lower spec, I opted for configuring it with a more conservative set of packages and decided to try OpenRC instead of systemd.

One of the default use flags for systemd, is resolvconf. On my other systems with Systemd, connecting to a FortiNet VPN usually results in DNS being automatically configured.

The Openfortivpn client uses resolvconf, but with OpenRC I don't have it installed, so I went about exploring how to configure the openfortivpn and ppp client to setup DNS automatically.


r8152 resume from suspend

January 19, 2021 — Jesse Harris

I recently upgraded my Precision 5510 to a Precision 5550. I was able to use btrfs send to transfer my existing Gentoo install to the new machine and used genkernel for my kernel config until I can get around to fine tuning. I have noticed an odd quirk where resuming from suspend, the ethernet port on my TB16 thunderbolt dock does not work.


When it's not cool to use PowerShell.

October 10, 2020 — Jesse Harris

PowerShell is an extremely productive language. The pipeline looping combined with regular expressions and custom objects allow you to quickly build a one-liner that make it tempting to use for data processing. But when it comes to larger data sets, your better off looking to something else.