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Sharing linux/windows scripts and tips

Precision 5510 - Gentoo GNU/Linux

October 12, 2019 — Jesse Harris

This documents all configurations, apps and tweaks to get a nicely working Linux machine.


Trying out a pull request

October 06, 2019 — Jesse Harris

You've received a pull request on your repo. Before merging you want to see what it looks like in your code base. Perhaps you will run some manual test or some diffs from the command line here and there.


Video editing from the command line

October 05, 2019 — Jesse Harris

I previously posted about capturing video in Linux. While this isn't exactly part 2 of that post there is enough crossover to warrant a link. This post is about how I have strangely found video editing to be much easier from the command line than a gui app.


Cascadia Code

September 20, 2019 — Jesse Harris

Microsoft released a new open source font yesterday to go along with their Windows Terminal project. I wipped up a quick ebuild to use it on my Gentoo systems.


Snapd Repository for Gentoo

September 07, 2019 — Jesse Harris

I've been maintaining my personal Gentoo overlay for sometime with my own ebuild of snapd. I've received a number of comments and questions about it, both via email, twitter and on github.