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Zigford.org now available on Gemini

January 03, 2023 — Jesse Harris

Holidays are here and I've been missing posting to the site. Instead of posting, I've added gemini support (albeit very basic) to my local copy of bashblog.

The Gemini Protocol is like a cut down version of the web. In my own opinion, it is taking the original intent of the web (sharing documents and words) and restricting it to only do that.

This is a good type of restriction imo. You can just write content and it will look nice everywhere taking away our ability to faff with how it looks let's you focus on the content itself.

To make it work I'm using a few pieces of code from others.

  • gmid - The server side software
  • gemgen - Converts markdown to geminitext
  • bashblog - A few adjustments to create a gemini index file.

So far the simplicity of the geminitext format is so nice that it makes editing bashblog a breeze.

I'll write more once there is more to share, but for now, visit zigford.org with a gemini browser to see it.

Tags: gemini, bash