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Cascadia Code

September 20, 2019 — Jesse Harris

Microsoft released a new open source font yesterday to go along with their Windows Terminal project. I wipped up a quick ebuild to use it on my Gentoo systems.

My first thoughts are that it is very refeshing to a have a nice new font to look at. I particularly like the letter spacing. While I've been using Fira Code for a while, I've felt it takes just a tad too much spacing between letters. Cascadia Code on the other hand feels tight and fun.

The font also supports ligatures which allows specific combinations of characters (commonly used in programming) to join together to and become a single character symbolic of its function.

Unfortunatly, the terminal and editor apps I use on Gentoo don't currently support ligatures. Regardless, I think it looks quite nice at the moment.

Here is a screenshot: screenshot

And you can find my ebuild here

Tags: fonts, gentoo