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September 06, 2018 — Jesse Harris

in 2006 I bought my first Mac. A white Macbook, the second generation of Intel with a core 2 duo processor. Even though it had a spinning disk when you clicked on safari it would launch instantly. It was amazingly fast.

Back then the OS was 10.4 Tiger. Tiger was the pinnicle of Apple operating systems. It was the first time an OS X operating system had all the features one would need, and before they started adding cruft to slow the system down.

  • Extremely fast boot
  • Spotlight search (Still better than Windows search to this day)
  • Better trackpad feel
  • Unix and X11 support
  • Automator
  • Slick responsive and cohesive ui

I also have parallels desktop on my macbook, and I recall collegues being amazed to see me running Mac OS, Ubuntu and Windows concurrently without any apparent performance hit. I feel like I've not had a computer as good as that macbook since.

Sadly over time the macbook developed a problem with the backlight and with the battery failing it became unusable. Work had started providing me with their laptops, so it didn't seem to make sense to buy a macbook again.

On the upside, tomrrow (07/09/2018), I will be getting a work supplied macbook. :)

I'll update this article with my experiences.