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Making a release on GitHub

August 20, 2019 — Jesse Harris

Today's journey is using git and github to release PwshBlog The following are my notes on the matter.

Making an archive

Normally when you make a release, you want to make an archive of the release available for people to download. You could use git's built-in tags feature alone, but that will include other bits of your repository that you probably don't want to include.

Enter git archive

The following are steps to creating the archive

  1. Create a .gitattributes file

  2. Add lines like the following

         .gitignore export-ignore
         appveyor.yml export-ignore
  3. Add and commit the .gitattributes file for it to work

  4. Create a tag

         git tag -a v0.9.0
  5. Now create the archive

         git archive --format=zip --prefix=PwshBlog/ v0.9.0 -o v0.9.0.zip
  6. Go create your release on github and drag in the created archive!

Tags: git, pwshblog, github