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My setup

September 02, 2018 — Jesse Harris



My home office is 1 of the bays of our bestsheds American barn style shed. The office bay has a sliding stacker door entrance, long window and is seperated from the other bays by a mixture of bookshelves, office partitions and curtains.


My computer desk is part of a frame used to carry car tyres on a pickup truck with a large mdf sheet on top. Thus it's quite tall, so I have a platform to stand on made out of some sawn off pailings nailed to some 4x4's.


The current chair is absolute garbage, so I spend most of my time standing with the occaisional sit down to rest the feet. I do intend to upgrade my chair when I can find the funding and the right chair with the required height.



My main PC is a workstation I built in 2013, so it has a haswell i5-4670, a 256Gb SSD, a 2TB mirrored data disk and an AMD Radeon HD6950. The screen is an LG 27" 1080p display. Keyboard an IBM Model M and a stock standard logitech mouse.


Although I don't own any laptops, my work requires I'm using different laptops in various states on configuration. I regularly use the following

  • Dell Precision 5510 (32G ram, 500G SSD, 750G HDD)
  • Late 2014 15" Macbook Pro (500G SSD, 16G ram)
  • Surface Pro 3
  • 13" 2017 Macbook Pro (256G SSD, 8G ram)

Other machines

As I have 6 kids I also have a machine for each of them for when we have game night.

  • Dell Precision M4800
  • Lenovo ThinkCenter x2
  • Dell OptiPlex GX620
  • Home built AMD FX-4300 based PC
  • Raspberry PI as a desktop in the house for homework
  • HP xw8400 Workstation