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Raspberry Pi 4

July 02, 2019 — Jesse Harris

As soon as I heard the news about the Pi 4 release, I jumped on it. As a frequent Pi user for day to day tasks, I'm always keen for a speed boost.

One major thing interests me about the Pi 4. The 4Gb of RAM model means that it could be viable for running Gentoo. While Gentoo does run fine on previous models of the Pi, it hit's issues when updating.

Updating on Gentoo requires compiling from source and many software these days need quite a bit of RAM to compile quickly (using all 4 cores).

I didn't have the money to buy the 4Gb version right away, so I opted for the 1Gb model.

This morning I completed the upgrade to Buster and aside from an issue with noobs the upgrade was smooth.

This blog post is the first composed and hosted on My Pi 4!

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