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Snapd Repository for Gentoo

September 07, 2019 — Jesse Harris

I've been maintaining my personal Gentoo overlay for sometime with my own ebuild of snapd. I've received a number of comments and questions about it, both via email, twitter and on github.

I also want to have it added to the layman respositories so that others can use it and maybe eventually contribute directly (or indirectly) to have it included in the main Gentoo portage tree.

At any rate, I've spun the latest snapd ebuild off into a seperate github repo I've also learnt about using branches in an overlay so you can add the stable branch and I can work on a testing snapd ebuild and have it sync to all my machines for testing.

Adding the stable one:

    layman -o https://raw.githubusercontent.com/zigford/snapd/master/overlay.xml -f -a snapd

or adding the dev one:

    layman -o https://raw.githubusercontent.com/zigford/snapd/master/overlay.xml -f -a snapd-dev

You would need to install layman to do this.

Tags: gentoo, portage, snapd